UV-Zap Toilet Bowl Night Light UV Steriliser Lamp with Motion Sensor & Deodoriser Scent

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The UV-Zap Toilet Bowl Night Light UV Steriliser Lamp with Motion Sensor & Deodoriser Scent 

We all know that toilet cleanliness makes or breaks a relationship. No kidding! The secret to most successful relationships is having a separate bathroom. But if you can't have it that way, there's always UV-Zap! There's no need to worry about your male partner/spouse/husband getting the aim wrong in the middle of the night.

The UV-Zap Toilet Bowl light has a motion-activated sensor that will make the your trip to the bathroom easier without fumbling for the light switch in the dark. These sensors set off the motion activated nightlight only at nighttime, when you need it most and in order to save energy, UV-Zap Toilet Bowl Light will stay on for just 2 minutes after last detected movement. The product is also light-sensitive and will turn off if it detects any stronger light source in the vicinity.

Motion Activated Sensors In UV-Zap

alt="Motion sensor-activated UV-Zap Toilet Bowl Light & UV Steriliser"

UV-Zap also allows parents to gradually help their children in loving to use the restroom by themselves. Everybody knows that children reach a certain age where fear of the dark becomes unavoidable, but certainly outgrows. A one button function allows you to choose between 16 different colours to illuminate your toilet bowl.

Start spook-proofing your home with UV-Zap and help your kid conquer his/her fears. With this gadget and a touch of your imagination you can work wonders when teaching your little one to use the toilet or potty.

Helps Kids Use The Bathroom In Their Own

alt="Light source to help young children use the bathroom by themselves"

The sturdy arm is also adjustable and allows for easy installation on any toilet bowl. Forming a firm grip around the toilet rim, it makes sure the lighting accessory stays firmly in place, without dropping whenever you raise or lower the seat.

The Adjustable Handle Provides Ease Of Installation

alt="The adjustable handle allows for easy installation, but is firm thereafter"

And who said being a germaphobe is a bad thing? Achieve a squeaky clean toilet bowl after every flush, at the microscopic level! This product is designed to zap up those microbes on your toilet bowl's surface by emitting Ultraviolet Light that is widely used by microbiologists to clean out their operational workspaces. UV light emitted by this device can get to the microorganisms that hide in crevices of your toilet bowl.

UV-Zap Toilet Bowl Night Light UV Sterilizer With Fragranced Tablets


The product cones with a perforated holder area for the placement of fragranced tablets that will give out a pleasant door and provide a fresh feel to your experience on the toilet. So, UV-Zap has it all - visual and olfactory appeal - in addition to providing you cleanliness in a short span of two minutes!

Have you ever seen a more practical and unusual gift idea? Mugs and other boring presents are ancient history! Whether it’s your mother & father 's anniversary, a co-worker’s retirement or you're attending a present exchange party, this novelty item will bring a smile to everybody's face! Unlike other gag gifts, this smart device will also prove useful and is a potential relationship-saviour! Can't stress that enough.

UV-Zap Toilet Bowl Seat Night Light UV Steriliser Lamp with Motion Sensor & Deodoriser Scent Features:

  1. Material: PC
  2. Powered by: 3 x AA batteries
  3. Voltage: 5V
  4. Power: 1W
  5. Light source: LED
  6. Switch type: Motion-activated
  7. Weight: 82g
  8. Sensing range: 3-5 meters
  9. Size: (L)X(W)X(H) 55 x 18 x 78 mm / 2.17" x 0.71" x 3.07" (Approximately)


1. Insert batteries and a fragranced tablet in the designated slot of the device

2. Adjust the arm to hang the device on the rim of the toilet

3. The light only works in the dark. It will automatically turn on when it detects movement in the range of 3-5 meters; and stays on for 2 minutes after last movement.

4. You can press the single button once to set to a single-colour mode; press the button again to put it back on the color rotation mode.

5. The ultraviolet disinfection automatically starts after the LED light is off for 5 seconds and there are no people around within the 3 meters range. A complete ultraviolet disinfection period lasts for a total 2 minutes. The disinfecting process automatically stops if people are detected with 3 meters range and will restart if not.

Package Includes:

1 x Toilet LED Night Light
2 x Aromatherapy Tablets

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