TimeZZ New LED Digital Alarm Projection Clock With FM Radio USB Timer Curved Screen

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The TimeZZ LED Digital Alarm Projection Clock with FM Radio USB Timer Curved Screen

Now you don't have to scramble to look at the time early every morning! Use the TimeZZ Digital Alarm Clock to project the time on the wall/ceiling near you. This also means you don't have to sleep in the dark and your room is dimly let with a dull glow! The new TimeZZ Series digital clock comes with improved projection clarity.

It's a great gift for any occasion - for family, friends, colleagues, or even your father/mother, and siblings!

alt="Blue variant of TimeZZ LED Digital Alarm Projection Clock With FM Radio USB Timer Curved Screen"


Time Projection

alt="Time Projection in the Dark by TimeZZ Curved Screen Clock"

Grab the TimeZZ digital alarm clock with an adjustable (180 degree) projection arm  using which, you can reflect the time on the wall, ceiling, or any angle that matches your eye level. The optimal projection distance is 7-10 feet.

USB Charging & 6-Level Adjustable Brightness Feature

alt="USB Charging and Six-level adjustable brightness feature of TimeZZ Digital Projection Alarm Clock"

With the 5V/1.2A USB output interface, you can charge smartphones when sleeping. Plug the clock to an AC power outlet. The setting of time/ alarm / radio will be remembered even during power outages.

TimeZZ comes with 6 different levels of display adjustments so you can set the screen brightness to match your mood. You can use a brighter adjustment for day time and softer one for the night. The brightness of the projector can also be set by choosing between 4 different levels, so your sleep is not affected at night.

The display is arch-shaped and 5-inch large - enough to give you a clear read from a distance as well.


alt="Features of TimeZZ Digital Projection Alarm Clock"

Dual Alarm Feature With 4 Alarm Sounds

The clock has a dual alarm function that can be set to different times on the same day as needed. Each alarm is easy to control, suitable for different wake-up times. Just set 2 separate wake-up alarms when you and your partner get up at different times. Perfect for occasions like sending kids to school or going to work on weekdays.


alt="Dual alarm system in TimeZZ Projection Alarm Clock"

Alarm Tones

Instead of the traditional buzz sound, there are 4 ringtones to choose from: the chord music, sound of waves, twitter/birdsong and even the FM radio to wake you! Choose your wake-up bell and enjoy waking up to a beautiful melody.

alt="Alarm tone options in TimeZZ LED Digital Alarm Projection Clock With FM Radio USB Timer Curved Screen"

The Fm Radio & Sleep Timer Feature

The clock radio has memory for storing up to 15 FM stations. Listen to music, news, talk shows, sports, stories or weather forecast as you like from 76.0 to 108.0MHz.You can set the radio volume between 0-15 levels.

The radio with 33-inch antenna that can be extended for strengthening the radio signal. Please uncoil the antenna to its full length. You can also tape the end of the antenna onto the wall to improve the signal reception.

The clock features the sleep timer function as it allows you to fall asleep to the radio. Select 5-10-15-30-45-60-75-90 minutes of listening duration. The radio will auto off after the specified time. The snooze function comes with a default time of 9 minutes, but can be adjusted. The snooze button is big enough for you to reach out to, in your sleep!

alt="FM Radio and Sleep Timer Function in TimeZZ LED Digital Alarm Projection Clock With FM Radio USB Timer Curved Screen"


TimeZZ Series New Digital Alarm Clock And Timer With Projector & FM Radio Features:

  1. Adapter Input: AC 100-240V, 50-60Hz
  2. Adapter Output: 5.0V, 1.2A
  3. USB charging port: 5V, 1A
  4. Projecting range: 0.5-3 m/ 20-120 inches
  5. Optimal projecting range: 2-3 m/ 80-120 inches
  6. Time format: 12/24 hour, switchable
  7. Support dimmer: Yes (Bright, dim, off)
  8. FM: 76-108 MHz
  9. Volume: Level 1 - Level 15 (maximum)
  10. Radio sleep timer selections: 5, 10, 15, 30, 45, 60, 75, 90 minutes or off
  11. Preset memories of radio stations: 15 FM stations
  12. Alarm setting: Dual alarms
  13. Snooze: 5-60 minutes 

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