JonaLee Hair Chalk Color Dye Kit (Washable & Temporary)

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The JonaLee Hair Chalk Color Dye Kit (Washable & Temporary)

Want to see how your hair would look with hot pink streaks, blue ends or orange all over? With the JonaLee Hair Chalk Set, you can experiment with different wild color effects without having to make any commitment!

  • This hair chalk leaves behind vivid color that is sure to get noticed, but that will wash out fully with your next shampoo
  • Includes 36 small sticks of hair chalk that are easy to use
  • Apply the hair chalk to wet or dry hair and create an endless array of effects
  • For better results, use white chalk on dark hair first, and then add your color of choice
  • Completely nontoxic, the hair chalk does not pose a risk for skin or scalp irritation
  • Teens and adults will love it, and kids can look gorgeous with a little help from the grown-ups
  • Great for everyday wear, cosplay, music festivals, Halloween and dress-up fun
  • Buy a pack for yourself or gift it for a special occasion.

PS: Drape a towel on your shoulders before use. Brushing hair may lead to loss of color. 

alt="JonaLee™ Hair Chalk Color Dye Kit (Washable & Temporary)"

alt="JonaLee Hair Chalk Color Dye Kit (Washable & Temporary)"



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