DoggyDade Best Kids Alarm Clock Cartoon

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The DoggyDade Kids Alarm Clock

Have your kids stand out from the crowd with this simple yet, transforming alarm clock. DoggyDade comes with an analog clock that is great for kids who are just beginning to learn how to read a clock. It is also a cool clock for kids that enjoy playing with robo-like transforming toys.

DoggyDade can assume two forms - from looking like an innocent desk clock to transforming into a puppy that the kids will love!

Size Specifications

alt="Alarm clock and puppy mode with size specifications of DoggyDade Alarm Clock for Kids"

alt="Color variants in DoggyDade Kids Alarm Clock"

Your DoggyDade is resistant to collision and impact, so don't worry too much if your kids drop it. The clock is made of eco-friendly ABS material and is finished smoothly without burrs.

Children can rotate the head, ears, and feet to create their favourite puppy positions fr placement by the bedside or their study table. Use the simple alarm key knobs and switch to set the alarm. Easy to teach the kids as well!

Grab this creative and transformative clock today that won't make a dent on your pocket!

Features of Doggydade

alt="Features of DoggyDade Kids Alarm Clock Cartoon"

alt="Alarm clock settings in DoggyDade Kidsd Alarm Clock Cartoon"

DoggyDade Best Kids Alarm Clock Cartoon Features:

  1. Material: ABS
  2. Dog Shape Size: 5.2*8*11.5cm
  3. Clock Shape Size: 5.5*5.4*7.4cm
  4. Color: Pink, Blue, White

Package Includes:

1 X Clock

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